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Outreach Events Management System

IUPUI has established procedures that will ensure the application of consistent standards for university events and will address appropriate protocol and operational considerations, including but not limited to, coordination for scheduling within the university calendar, evaluating the adequacy of the budget to the project requirements, space, risk assessment, security and public safety arrangements, publicity and media relations, invitations and hosting. Cooperation of members of the IUPUI community with established procedures will foster coordinated communication with guests through one official university channel and thereby serve to enhance IUPUI’s relations with these individuals and their offices/organizations.

This coordination is facilitated by the use of a common system for special events.

What is a "Special Event"?

The definition of a "special event" that requires the use of this system is as follows:

The IUPUI Special Event Advisory Board must be notified of all special events being held on campus and/or utilizing any university asset or resource. A special event can be defined as “requiring the services or facilities of any university department or school.” For successful planning it is very important that this form is filled out as soon as possible or at least four (4) weeks prior to your event, however you will hear feedback in two (2) weeks. There may be fees (such as service, labor, equipment) assessed for this event – determination of these fees can be made after notification is received.

How do I use the system?

This special events system and website is designed to assist you in planning your event and facilitate communication with all others who have a role in your event. It is very important that this web-based form is filled out at least four weeks prior to your event, if possible. There may be fees (such as service, labor, equipment) assessed for this event, which will be determined after the form is submitted.

Please note two things prior to filling out your special event form:

  1. IUPUI has an exclusive catering contract and no other caterer is allowed on campus. Please visit the IUPUI Catering website or call 317-278-1178 to speak to the catering director about your event.
  2. If this event form is not completed within 30 minutes, you will be required to start over.

Getting Started