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One-stop Event Planning for IUPUI

Pre-submission Event Checklist

  1. Food & Beverages
  2. Insurance
  3. Parking
  4. Portable Toilets
  5. Security
  6. Signage
  7. Smoking Policy
  8. Street Closings
  9. Tents
  10. Trash Removal
  11. Utilities

The pre-submission checklist is intended to provide you with many of the campus policies and procedures for holding an event on campus. Please read through this information before submitting an event. IUPUI is an incredible place for you to hold your event. Whether you are a part of IUPUI, or you are a community partner, we have the resources to help you hold a conference, a meeting or a run/walk fundraiser. This site serves as a how-to guide to give you the answers you need about having an event on our campus. Here you will find information about holding events on campus, a list of spaces available for events and an events application form. If you are interested in holding an event on campus, you should review the information on the checklist and identify a location for your event. Once you have confirmed that a location is available, you must complete the event application form.

Should you have any further questions, contact information is provided for each topic.

  1. Food & Beverages

    IUPUI Food Service (Chartwells) is the exclusive food service provider for IUPUI. Please contact the Catering Director at 317-274-7566 or to make arrangements. IUPUI Food Services is a division of within IUPUI Auxiliary Services.

    Under some circumstances outside vendors will be allowed on campus. In this case, all food vendors must have their respective permits from the Board of Health before they will be allowed to sell or serve food on the IUPUI campus.


    IUPUI Food Services is the only licensed authority to dispense alcoholic beverages on the campus. Approval from the Chancellor's Office is needed in order for IUPUI Food Services to service any alcohol requests. The department head (dean, director, assistant vice chancellor) must to send an email or a hard copy letter/memo request to the Chancellor at with the following information:

    Subject: Request to serve alcohol
    Name of the reception: i.e. Alumni Association Advisory Board
    Function of the reception: i.e. recruitment, retirement celebration, etc.
    Exact date of function:
    Time: (time it starts and time it ends)
    Building and room:
    Name of caterer: IUPUI Food Services
    Type of alcohol service: i.e., beer, wine, liquor and whether cash or host
    Is this event by invitation only or open to the public?
    Will students be in attendance and will there be any attendees under the age of 21?

    The department must submit approval documentation from the Chancellor’s Office to IUPUI Food Services at least 96 hours in advance to IUPUI Food Services before any alcohol can be served.

    Dining for Visiting Groups

    Are you looking to dine on campus with your visiting group? Refer to the Group Dining webpage to learn more about the various locations to host your guests' meals at IUPUI.

    IUPUI Food Service Exclusivity Policy

    IUPUI Food Services (Chartwells) is the contracted exclusive food service provider which includes all retail, catering, and concession sales on the IUPUI campus. Coca Cola and Canteen Vending provide all snack, food, and coffee vending operations. This is a geographic exclusivity and applies to all IU buildings and grounds generally located between West Street on the east, White River on the south and west and Indiana Avenue on the north. Payment by an IU Foundation account is not an exception and this exclusivity applies equally to all users of University buildings (i.e. non-University groups renting space or scheduling events in University buildings). Additionally, Indiana University has a system-wide contract with Coca Cola and only Coke products can be sold or advertised on any IU campus.

    Exceptions to Exclusivity
    • Sponsorships of events by an “outside” restaurant, caterer, grocery store or food distributor that donates (100%) food or beverage for the event. In order to insure safe food handling, a list (on the donor’s letterhead) of what is being donated must be forwarded to FourCourse Catering (catering, and the Special Event Notification form must be filled out to notify the appropriate campus service providers.
    • FourCourse Catering recognizes that on occasion it may not be possible to provide the type or level of service requested (inability to cater) due to prior commitments and the customer might have to look elsewhere for service. This circumstance should be rare and if an outside caterer must be engaged, approval by the Director of Catering is necessary. Sufficient advanced planning and notice to FourCourse Catering is requested.
    • Locations (building/grounds) on the IUPUI campus that are not managed by IU such as Eskenazi Health and IU-Methodist Hospitals, Wishard, VA, Ronald McDonald House and NIFS are exempt. Ball Residence, Center for Young Children and Campus Apartments are also exempt.
    • Pitch-ins, which are defined as food and beverage provided by the participants of an event not intended to be resold and not reimbursed by either an IU or IUF account, are exempt.
    • Events serving purchased food or beverage totaling $100.00 or less are exempt.
    • Weekend events serving food or beverage that do not meet the current IUPUI Food Service sales minimum requirement are exempt (please contact the Catering Office for additional information).
    • Food fundraisers are an important source of revenue for students groups. The sale of food to raise funds – and the applicable Board of Health regulations – has been formalized in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy. This Policy can be found on the Campus & Community Life, Environmental Health & Safety, and IUPUI Food Service websites. This Food Safety Policy was developed specifically to address food fundraisers and the safe handling of food. Briefly, the Policy requires adherence to safe food practices, limits fundraising to pre-set dates throughout each semester (dates are set by CCL and listed on the CCL website), and allows the fundraising organization to avoid the collection of sales tax. As long as this Food Safety Policy is followed, it is not a requirement that food be purchased (to be resold for fundraising purposes) from Fourcourse Catering/IUPUI Food Service.
    Food Safety Policy

    Due to the nature of food service, any food-related disease outbreak has the potential of affecting a large number of individuals with potentially severe consequences. Events that offer food for sale or as a courtesy are subject to the provisions in the IUPUI Food Safety Policy. If food is being served or sold at your event, you must review the IUPUI Food Safety Policy and comply with all applicable provisions. The policy outlines the following:

    • Defines “Events Open to the Public”
    • Events requiring a temporary food establishment permit from the Marion County Health Department
    • Events which do not require a temporary permit, but do require the submission of a signed Appendix A of the food policy
    • Nonprofit organizations recognized by IUPUI may conduct fundraisers involving the sale of food under relaxed oversight given that the group is organized for civic, fraternal, veteran or charitable purposes and has established Section 501 “Tax Exempt” status under the provisions of United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) codes provided that:
      1. the food is prepared exclusively by members of the organization,
      2. the sale of which is for the benefit of the hosting organization, and
      3. the organization conducts no more than 15 individual fundraiser events per calendar year. Fundraisers for these organizations may only be held on designated fundraiser dates as described within this policy.
      All other fund raisers involving the sale of food are specifically regulated by the Marion County Public Health Department and require licensure by the agency.

    The policy can be found on the events registration page, or here. The policy does not apply to Internal Events which include most intradepartmental functions such as holiday pitch-in meals, "treat tables," complimentary meals for a department's faculty, prospective students or graduates, recognized student organization meetings, campus service projects with donated food and the like.

  2. Insurance

    A certificate of insurance may be required for your event. This is often stated in the contracts provided by facilities at IUPUI. If you have questions about whether a certificate of insurance is required, please contact Risk Management at 812-855-9758 or via e-mail at

  3. Parking

    Parking lots on the IUPUI campus require a parking pass. There are a limited number of metered spots around campus in addition to parking garages and surface lots. This PDF map indicates where the public can pay to park on campus. Arrangements can be made to pre-pay parking through Parking Services. Please call 317-274-4232 for more information.

  4. Portable Toilets

    For large, outdoor events, portable toilets must be provided at the rate of one for every 100 people at your event. You are responsible for the ordering and setting up of these portable toilets. A list of vendors can be found in the telephone directory. Portable toilets are to be placed in an area that has been confirmed with Campus Facility Services, 317-274-1900.

    Please also notify the grounds department, 317-278-1900, and environmental health and safety, 317-274-2005, of your interest to place portable toilets on campus.

  5. Security

    The IUPUI Police Department is responsible for police service and the overall security on the IUPUI campus; however additional security may be required for specific events which will be the responsibility of the event organizer to provide.

    The University Police will determine if additional security is required and what type (police or security). The IUPUI Police Department can be reached at 317-274-7911

  6. Signage

    If you are holding a large event that will require directional signage for parking or other locational marking, please contact Campus Facility Services at 317-278-1900

    If you would like to place directional or welcome signage inside a building, please check with the building coordinator prior to affixing anything to the walls.

  7. Smoking Policy

    IUPUI is committed to a smoke free environment. Effective August 14, 2006, IUPUI is a smoke-free campus.

    More information on IUPUI's smoke-free policy can be found at

  8. Street Closings

    If your event will require street closings, please fill out the paperwork with the City of Indianapolis for a Special Event Permit.

  9. Tents

    All tents and their location must be pre-approved by IUPUI staff by submitting a site layout upon request. Tents must be staked or weighted down. Before driving tent stakes, Indiana Underground Plant Protection Services must be contacted three days prior to installation.

    Your tent vendor is the party responsible for making this contact or someone in your event group if you are erecting the tent(s) yourself. “Call Before You Dig” (Holey Moley) @ 1-800-382-5544.

    All tents must meet the life safety codes of the local authority. The IUPUI Fire and Safety Department may require the tent to have emergency exit lighting and fire extinguishers on site to comply with local codes. If the tent(s) are set before the day of the event, you must notify the IUPUI staff at 278-1900.

    IUPUI is not responsible for the security of your tent(s).

  10. Trash Removal

    Please take all your trash during your event to the closest trash receptacle. Once you have submitted an event application form, you will be contacted by CFS to determine the need for any additional trash receptacles.

    CFS can be reached at 317-278-1900 to answer any further questions.

  11. Utilities

    If you have utility needs for the event, please indicate them on your Event Application form, and an individual from Campus Facility Services will contact you about your needs. If you have specific questions concerning utilities, i.e. what may be available to you, you can contact Campus Facility Services at 317-278-1900.